Office 365 Phone System (aka Cloud PBX) Call Queues Get Basic Call Statistics via PowerShell

Just noticed that the Microsoft is adding more Contact Center (lite!) functionality to Office 365 “Phone System” (formerly known as “Cloud PBX”) Call Queues. Call Queues just got a new feature that allows administrators to use PowerShell to see how many callers are in each Call Queue.

This is in addition to the Agent “Opt Out” commandlet, reported by us on 9/12/2017, and announced at Microsoft Ignite 2017. (but still not available yet.)

If you use the Get-CsHuntGroup Powershell commandlet you will see a new property called “Statistics”.


So, with no calls in the Call Queue the value Current queue size = 0:


If another caller calls into this Call Queue at the same time and the cmdlet is run again we get 1:


And 2


In my testing the cmdlet reports the queue size immediately. (no 1 minute delay like Skype for Business Server RGS).

There also seems to be reference to a hunt Group API, namely “HuntGroupServiceCallBackuri”. For the Call Queue in our example it is: When I plug that in a browser I get “{"Message":"The requested resource does not support http method 'GET'."}” as a response, so perhaps that is not working yet?

The Statistics PowerShell property seems to already work in our customer tenants, but is not listed in the Microsoft web documentation for Get-csHuntGroup.

Microsoft Teams User Tip #20: How to Grab a Screenshot of Shared Content without Navigation & Button Overlap?

Meeting attendees regularly want to do a screenshot of meeting shared content. Two items that can be on top of the content you want to screenshot is the menu on the left of the Microsoft Teams client and the call controls. (shown below). In this short article we will give the steps to get rid of these two items quickly.


The call controls


To get rid of the meeting content partially being behind the navigation menu on the right of the Teams client and get rid of the call controls, just right click twice in black area outside the red border around the meeting content.

Just right click twice in black area outside the red border around the meeting content.


Now you can use OneNote clipping (Windows + Shift + S) or your favorite screenshot app (I used Greenshot)

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Landis Technologies Announces Microsoft Teams Attendant Console

Orlando, Florida Sept 25, 2017 - Landis Technologies is announcing and demonstrating Attendant Pro for Office 365 Phone System is now enabled as a Microsoft Teams Attendant Console by using the new Graph API for Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Ignite 2017. Attendant Pro enables receptionists and operators to efficiently transfer calls to Microsoft Teams users using the coming Skype to Teams interop.

Attendant Pro for Microsoft Teams is the first Microsoft Certified attendant console to integrate Microsoft Teams into the receptionist console client using the new Microsoft Graph API's. Operators can easily transfer callers to users in Teams, Skype for Business groups or Exchange Lists with 1 Click. The Attendant Pro user interface is a clean & familiar Microsoft Teams user experience.

  • Familiar Microsoft Teams User Experience
  • Handle Calls destined for Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams users
  • Microsoft Teams, are now seamlessly integrated into Attendant Pro allow 1 click transfers to Teams, Skype for Business Groups or Exchange Distribution List Users
  • Efficiently Search for Teams or Skype for Business users in simple, unified user interface


1-Microsoft Teams User Interface. 2-Handle calls destined for Teams users 3-Microsoft Teams are integrated into the attendant experience 4-Efficiently search and transfer to Teams users.

Attendant Pro seamlessly handles incoming calls that need to be transferred to Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams users, allowing you to use Attendant Pro for Skype for Business now and transition to Microsoft Teams when you are ready. Your investment in Attendant Pro for Skype for Business & Office 365 is future proof because it can be used for Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business contacts.

See a demo of Attendant Pro for Microosft Teams and Skype for Business at Booth #1456 or email

Matt’s MSIgnite 2017 Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams Notes


Here is where I’ll be keeping my notes about important announcements around Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams. You can always browse to for this article.

Will try to answer your burning questions about Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams

  • What New with Teams and Skype for Business?
  • What’s Microsoft’s story about Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams?
  • What Do I say about Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams?
  • What’s up with “Microsoft Phone System”?
  • etc.

Some Skype4B/Teams Resources:

Notable Microsoft Announcements/News

  • Monday – 25th
    • Microsoft Teams Will Evolve as the primary client … in Office 365 and replace Skype for Business Over Time” Click Here
    • Microsoft Teams Gets PSTN Calling Click Here
    • “Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording & Transcription in Preview for release soon…” – Session GS10 Click Here
    • UC Vision Keynote GS10 Indicates vNext Features (Join me in session BRK2035 Tues for more)
        • Refreshed Mainstream Support
        • Quality, Security & Performance Fixes
        • Refreshed Skype for Business Client
        • IT Pro & Voice centric release
        • Cloud Connected Analytics & Voice Apps
        • Improved Teams Interop
  • Tuesday – 26th
    • Microsoft will Deliver Skype for Business Server 2019. Here are the Features click here
    • Graph API Will Do Call Control & Media Eventually BRK2197 click here
    • Same Platform Used to Build CQ & AA Coming to Microsoft Teams Eventually. BRK2197 click here
  • Wednesday – 27th
    • Call Queues & Auto Attendants New Features Summary click here
    • Renaming Cloud PBX to Phone System & Other name changes click here
    • My Microsoft Tech Community Article on New Features in Skype for Business Server 2019 click here
    • Microsoft Teams Doesn’t Use SIP click here
  • Thursday - 28th
  • Friday – 29th

Interesting Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Vendor Announcements

  • Embrava / Byrne Power & Data Busy Light in Outlet Click Here
  • Sonus Cloudlink for Microsoft Teams Announced Click Here
  • Polycom VoxBox USB/BT Speakerphone Video First Sighting Click Here
  • Audiocodes 445HD IP Phone Color Screen, LCD Button Click Here
  • Lenovo Introduces Skype Room System Video First Sighting Click Here
  • Polycom Indicates Hardware To Work With Microsoft Teams
  • Landis Technologies Introduces Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams Click Here

What I will be doing at Ignite 2017!

  • Doing a Discussion in BRK3370 on: What Microsoft Teams Means for Skype for Business Partners & Customers” – Sign up here.
  • Official MVP Blogger on several sessions: (see articles here)
    • Skype for Business vNext,
    • Call Queues & Auto Attendants
    • Microsoft Teams Adoption
  • Landis Technologies is Showing Attendant Pro at booth #1456
  • Meetings & Live Podcast Sessions
  • Seeing what’s new!